Crocodile ice cream

After months of seeing photos and reading about the crocodile ice cream from local, national and international publications, I finally had the chance to try this classic dessert with a unique (spelled scary) dessert a while back at the Crocodile Park, one of the most popular attractions in Davao City. I was looking forward to try this crocodile ice cream whose popularity has already spread far and wide, but…


Mango sweet sticky rice

IT was not a case of love at first bite for me with this street food delicacy called Kow Neuw Ma Muang, or mango on sticky rice, but when I finally tried it, I wished I tried it earlier. This dessert is a serving of steamed sticky rice topped with slices of ripe mangoes, doused with hot coconut milk and others sprinkle toasted sesame seeds on top for more…


Refreshing Bingsu

Next to the Philippine's most popular dessert halo-halo, here is one of my most favorite all-time refresher when the craving hits, which could be anytime. Bingsu is a Korean popular dessert made with shaved ice and topped with different flavors. My favorite at the Zoom Cafe in Susupe is the Coffee Bingsu. The Coffee Bingsu is served with a scoop of ice cream on top with swirls of caramel which makes every bite heavenly delicious. On…


Refreshing Island Shave Ice

  HERE’S a new and refreshing way to beat the heat — a cool cup of island shave ice at the newly opened Island Shave Ice in Garapan. Stop by the place just beside ABC Store across from DFS Galleria and you will find a former police outpost converted into a stall providing refreshments at very affordable prices. I ordered Signature Shave Ice — a heavenly concoction of specialty…


Coffee, croissants and tarts at The Coffee Room N-106

ENTERING the Coffee Room N-106 was like stepping into a fabulous private room adorned with exquisite decorations. While a group of Russians was having coffee and a lively conversation at one of the tables, a friendly food staffer guided me and my companion to the table near the counter and handed each of us a one-page menu. I ordered cappuccino and quickly scanned the sheet hoping to see croissants.…


Coffee, crepes and more at The Shack

WELCOME to The Shack, the newest rave in the island where ‘hunters, fishermen, politicians and other liars are welcome.’ Although it’s still on a soft opening phase, The Shack has become a trending household word as the satisfied diners try their unique dishes and go back for more. It was my second time to visit The Shack for lunch yesterday, and was looking forward to something new. A friend…


Marg’s Kitchen: Baking memories for you

IF there’s a kitchen away from your kitchen on Saipan that bakes ‘memories’ or favorites that you would lure you back to the islands when you go out, it’s Marg’s Kitchen in Chalan Kanoa. I chanced upon Marg’s Kitchen for the first time on Saturday afternoon while looking for something to eat on-the-go. The endless choices of temptations left us undecided for a long time—an element which we didn’t…


Say cheesecake

Baileys cheesecake

WHEN you hear the word “cheesecake,” two popular destinations would immediately pop up that serve the most sought-after cheesecake on Saipan—Hyatt Regency and Shenanigan’s Restaurant, both in Garapan.

An hour of unadulterated indulgence over cups of coffee and heavenly slices of cheesecakes for two consecutive nights at these two outlets rekindled the sweet cravings that I have shelved for some time.
Shenanigan's cheesecake

One night last week took two buddies and me to Shenanigans Restaurant for coffee and a slice of the restaurant’s most popular and addicting cheesecake. It was not my first time to try their cheesecake which come in several variations but with cheesecake, one could never have enough.
Shenanigan’s cheesecake comes in a heavy rectangular platter with splashes of chocolate syrup, whipped cream and orange slices—presented in such a way that would make you forget how to say no. Shenanigan’s cheesecake is made of chocolatey and fluffy soft sponge cake topped with a thick layer of fresh cream cheese. My buddy finished his cheesecake and wiped the whole plate clean down to the last morsel in minutes.
Shenanigan’s cheesecake variations are Pana Cotta cheesecake and Mascarpone Cheesecake with blueberry sauce, for $6.
On Friday evening, my two buddies and I sampled the Hyatt Regency’s famous cheesecakes with coffee at the Lobby Lounge. My buddies opted for one slice of the hotel’s blueberry cheesecake each, while I decided to have the Bailey’s cheesecake. A cheerful staffer from the DJ Corner delivered our cheesecakes at the Lobby Lounge where we were comfortably seated and we lost no time in digging into it.
The blueberry cheesecake dripped with a generous topping of blueberry puree, its sweet taste blending with the light and fluffy texture of the cake and making every bite melt in your mouth.
My Baileys cheesecake told a stronger story. Topped with macadamia nuts, each bite of the sumptuous velvety Baileys cheesecake gives you a slight flavor of Baileys in every bite—not overpowering but just a tinge of Baileys.
Cheesecakes have become a special favorite for all occasions and are available 24 hours a day at the Hyatt for $6.
Check out Shenanigan’s Restaurant and the Hyatt Regency Lobby Lounge to get a heavenly bite of cheesecake and join the growing throng of cheesecake addicts in the island. For inquiries, call Shenanigans at 233-8324 and Hyatt Regency at 234-1234.
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