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Balut: A taste of the exotic

Balut: A taste of the exotic

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  1. ontheraks

    you’re going home again! woww i envy you! Durian is available whole year at Magsaysay Park in Davao

  2. Jim Clamor

    11 days more and I will be eating Balut once again. I hope durian will also be available.

  3. ontheraks

    No thanks, Jim. I’ve tried eating the fetus but i just couldn’t. Durian– hmmm it’s been over three years since my last encounter with it. Watch out durian and balut when i go home

  4. Jim Clamor

    Balut is one food I will never miss eating every time i’m on vacation in the Philippines. It is always first on my “must eat” list followed by durian. And Miss Raks, you’re missing the excitement of eating balut by throwing away the fetus. Try it and for sure you’ll say hallelujah!!

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