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Feastin’ on pizza at Amigo

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  1. chung christopher

    Hello, I’m the owner for amigo pizza.
    First of all, I’m so sorry regarding of phone number.
    Our number is 670-233-7412. Thank you for your kindness and all your love.
    If there’s any question or comments about our shop please feel free to call us anytime.
    Once again thank you.

  2. ontheraks

    glad to be of any help. I went through what you did, browsing the phone books in vain until I went to the pizza parlor.

  3. Sherry

    I think they should put their number in the telephone directory.
    I looked through both 2009 AND 2010, & it wasn’t there…
    Thank goodness for the almighty internet =:) ~

  4. Sherry

    I enjoyed reading this article… I actually came across it, trying to find their number, so I could order me some pizza-to-go ! I LOVEEEEEE their Pizza… Just misplaced their number…

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